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Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Your Employee Assistance Programme 

Features of the Mental Health Support Programme:

1-1 Expert Consultations

Connect your employees or member with a range of Wellbeing Experts using video conferencing.

 From financial wellbeing to psychologists or physiotherapists, there’s something for everyone

Digital Gym

Employees and members will be able to take part in up 20 classes per week across.

Each last 30-45 minutes and across a number of different class types, such as Pilates, Yoga, Mobility and flexibility, Full Body Workout, HIIT & more

Pricing starts from 59p per person per month

Monthly Wellbeing Series

4 live seminars with Q&A and Polling, e-learning course on the topic and a range of downloadable guides for each monthly topic. 

The calendar is built around the NHS wellbeing calendar. There is also the option to create your own calendar or host one off events from a choice of 250 topics and over 5,000 events. 

Pricing starts from 90p per person per month

Employee/Member Assistance Programme

We’ve teamed up with Spectrum.Life, a market leading provider of corporate health and wellbeing Spectrum.Life provide your employees with on site wellbeing, digital wellbeing, employee or member assistance programmes & much more. 

See an overview of their solutions below which you can avail of with our exclusive members pricing.


Health Wellbeing Support for your Employees or Members

24/7 unlimited access to counsellor led in the moment support via freephone, live chat, whatsapp, SMS & email

6 face to face counselling sessions per issue (Also available by video and phone)

Critical incident advice and telephone support and Manager Support Line, consultancy and referral support

In depth usage and outcome reporting as standard

Supports include mental health, addiction, relationship, bereavement, Financial advice, legal information, parenting, career and life coaching & more

Extensive network of counsellors across the UK and Ireland covering 15+ languages.

In the Moment Support, Triage Service, Onwards Referrals or Emergency Escalations.

All available remotely via video link

Access to trained counsellors and advisors 24 hours a day,
all year round. Plus our EAP Portal.

  • 24/7 Mental Health cover for all your employees and their families, inculding Crisis text and phone line and 6 face to face or virtual Counselling or Psycotherapy sessions. 
  • Ensure your team stay connected with our EAP Portal for advice, inspiration and personalised content. 
  • Annual reporting and tracking on usage and satisfaction. 

  • Add digital Wellbeing pack for £1.50/per month.

Enquire below 

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Assistance Bundles 

Connected EAP

Digital Wellbeing Plus

Enhanced EAP

Enhanced access to trained counsellors and advisors 24/7,
all year round. Plus our EAP Portal.

  • All the benefirts of Connected EAP
  • Additional face to face or virtual Counselling or Psycotherapy sessions, up to 8 sessions per issue as needed 
  • Quarterly reporting and tracking on usage and satisfaction.

  • Add digital Wellbeing pack for £1.40/per month.

Full Mental Health cover and our Premium Digital Wellbeing Pack

  • All the benefits of Enhanced EAP 
  • Access to our Full Health and Wellbeing Platform via Web, iOS & Android 
  • Unlimited Access to Digital Gym with 20+ Live Classes Per week.
  • Unlimited Access to Weekly Live Wellbeing Seminars from our Wellbeing Series

*Subject to £1,320 Minimum for companies with less than 50 employees.

*Subject to £960 minimum for companies with less than 100 employees.

*Subject to £780 minimum for companies with less than 100 employees.