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February Wellbeing Series

The Industry Leading   Employee Assistance Programme

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An engaging health and wellbeing studio experience delivered to a dedicated platform, supporting you as you continue to work remotely. This month, the focus is on how to make better financial decisions.

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 Host:                  Paul Merriman
 Financial Advisor  and Founder of      AskPaul.

4 live seminars with option to interact with the host and guest via polling and Q&A function. 

An elearning companion course on how to take control of your finances and eliminate financial stress. 

Supportive guides relating to the series topics for you to download, read and share with your colleagues.

What This Series Delivers

Coming Up Next Week

Everyone has heard of a pension, but what is a pension and how do they work? A pension is one of the smartest financial decisions anyone can make. In this session, Paul will explain how pension contributions work, how to retire your pension, and what life will look like in retirement.

Pensions & Getting Retirement Ready


Assets for Internal Promotion

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