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Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Your Employee Assistance Programme 

Features of the Mental Health Support Programme:


Start your Workplace Wellbeing Day right, with this guided meditation. Laurel will lead you through a 15-minute mindfulness session focusing on reducing stress by calming the body, whilst increasing self-awareness, leaving you ready to tackle the day ahead with patience, focus and positivity

Nutrition in the Workplace

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when we are busy with our commutes, the work environment, busy days and the food choices that surround us. This week we are spotlighting how to put your nutrition back in focus and help you make healthier choices at work.

Wellbeing Seminar

To celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day this week, we will be exploring all things remote working when it comes to your wellbeing. From physical and emotional wellbeing, to guidance on communicating effectively, this seminar will explore a variety of areas to ensure your workday, be it at home or in the office, is working for you.

Tune into our health and wellbeing events below to celebrate workplace wellbeing day, delivered from our wellbeing studio into your home.

Start the morning with a calming, guided meditation, then pick up some valuable nutrition tips from our special guests Aisling Larkin and Niamh Orbinski. Over lunch we will discuss how to manage your wellbeing during your working day, whether that is in the office or working remotely. We hope you enjoy your Wellbeing Day!

Workplace Wellbeing Experience

on Workplace Wellbeing Day

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