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Introducing the Mental Health & wellbeing support programme from The Construction Industry Federation. CIF is dedicated to supporting its members and their employees’ mental health. Our 24/7 Mental Health Support Programme, enabled by Laya Healthcare and their exclusive health & wellbeing partners, Spectrum.Life, helps you to help your employees.

“Research shows that 10 people a week in Ireland take their own lives- 8 out of these 10 are men. The construction sector is 96% male. We know from feedback we have received that workers in the construction sector are part of these statistics. As an industry, we have focussed a lot of our effort in the past at managing safety issues- recently, we have realised that we need to give time to managing people’s wellbeing.”

Dermot Carey, Director of Safety and Training, CIF

4x Quarterly Seminars

1x First Responders mental health training

Healthy Minds Package 3

2x Mental Health Workshops

Special CIF Price: €6,641.50 

Save €933.50

Support Programme

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Our 24/7 mental health support programme is designed to assist employees in dealing more effectively with their personal and work-related difficulties, while also providing them with information and resources to make their day-to-day lives a little easier. The service is also available to employees’ family members over 16 years.

This programme, provided in partnership with Laya Healthcare, has been designed to offer a more modern and engaging service capable of delivering the best clinical outcomes. 

Features of the Mental Health Support Programme

Your Build Health Packages

Up to 6 free counselling sessions

Access to helpful mental health resources

Free telephone helpline

Video Counselling

4x Quarterly Seminars

1x Mental Health Workshop

Healthy Minds Package 2

1x First Responders mental health training

Special CIF Price: €5,966.50 

Save €858.50

Healthy Minds Package 1

1x Mental   Health Workshop

4x Quarterly Seminars

Special CIF Price: €2,083.00 

Save €427.00

As many aspects of our wellbeing impact our mental health, we realise that it is important to offer a wide range of seminar topics. Choose from mental health, sleep, nutrition, fitness and more to offer employees at your company a holistic education around their overall wellbeing.


You can choose from the packages combining seminars, workshops and training as an additional or standalone service.

Mental Health Workshops

Arrange a mental health workshop with a qualified professional for employees, managers, senior leaders or your HR team to ensure that they are fully confident in discussing mental health, understanding internal policies and support colleagues who may be having difficulties.

First Responders Training

This 2-day course are delivered by qualified mental health professionals who will train attendees to provide emergency support to colleagues in distress and de-escalating crisis situations.

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CIF Only Pricing. Less than 30 employees: €400
Over 30 employees: €7.50 per employee

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Your Employee Assistance Programme 

Features of the Mental Health Support Programme:

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